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Re: emacspeak in a nonstandard dir

Tyler Spivey writes:
 > when i put emacspeak in ~/emacs or something, or ~/emacspeak,
 > i get an error it can't load define-theme.el, that is the expand-filename bug. does .emacs
 > get loaded before emacspeak?
It does if you call emacspeak-setup.el from your ~/.emacs file, which
is an excellent way in which to start Emacspeak.
> i could rig up something there, i guess. 
Yes, probably.
 > p.s.: why is everybody ignoring me?

Probably because most subscribers to this list have never encountered
the issue and don't know off-hand how Emacspeak handles directory
paths. You would probably get better results by reading the Emacspeak
sources (starting with emacspeak-setup.el) to find out.

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