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Re: emacspeak upgrade with questions

Hi, Jasen, Thank you very much for your help. I hope to have all this
going as soon as possible. I have the sox package, the Enlightened
Sound Daemon, I'll get the play program working, and I'll pick up the
rest of that software. Thanks a lot for saving me the trouble of
having to rewrite what already exists. 

I have a soundblaster 16 bit card on here through which I'm hearing my
speech by means of viavoice. It's working perfectly, but I'm going to
run all that test software just for the fun of it. I also have
studiosynth on here to provide me with the midi icons. That's working
right, as well. 

Once more, Thanks very much for all your help. I really appreciate


Doug Smith: Soldier of CHRIST and Keeper Of The Light.

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