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more on 14.0-1 viavoice and rh7.1 on dell latitude

I mailed about this yesterday, and TVR thankfully stopped me chasing
unimportant lisp warnings.  Basically I am having speech stop
frequently and much more frequently the wrong char read as I arrow
through a buffer.  It appears to be a speech-rate related problem.  
It seems to be ok at rate 75 but disastrous at 95.  Turning on
and looking at the *speaker* buffer shows lots of
error: tts internal synth error 
this is handed back from the tcl isn't it?  
So should I start looking around in there to see where the error is
being generated or is there a more obvious route?
Yesterday I didn't have my viavoice version handy, it's 5.1-1.2
thanks again 

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