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Re: yet another nagging question....

You need to create a fille called .emacs in your home directory, which
contains expressions that set whatever parameters you wish to change
upon start-up.

All of this is documented in the Emacs manual, which I suggest you
read (C-h i, then select Emacs v20 from the list of documents).
Variables for tab settings etc., will also be discussed at appropriate
points in the manual. The .emacs file is explained in the "init file"
section of the "Customization" chapter of the manual.

If, after reading the documentation and using the Emacs help system,
you still have questions, then it is time to start asking on
appropriate mailing lists. As a word of warning: there are some
subscribers to mailing lists (probably including this one) who don't
appreciate it when people ask questions without doing their homework
(i.e., reading the manual) first. I mention this not by way of
criticism, but just so that you can avoid unnecessary and unproductive
conflicts in the future, of the kind that frequently arise when
different people have varying perceptions of what is reasonable.

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