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duplicated user name

I find it strange that when I send mail to myself to check out emacs mail
program that in the from: header my e-mail address is
rclowdus@rclowdus@kcnet.com.  I have checked my rc.config and it's
correct.  But when I use pine which I'm doing now the from: header always
gives my correct e-mail address.  Of course in pine it's a matter of
configuring it to over ride the system default settings.  I'm in the
process of setting up my computer to use emacspeak.  It's driving me crazy
as I have tried my best to backtrack all configuration files and I cannot
make a connection as to where I can locate the file that seems to be
adding too much to my return address.  For your info my log in user name
is rclowdus when I'm logging into linux.  So maybe my log in name is
being added to the front of my correct from: email address.  If I use Mutt
it does the same thing as well as when I'm mailing a website while I'm in
Lynx.  I have always said that I wish there were two of me but this is too
much! <grin>  Thanks in advance.

The Weaving Beaver
"Chop your own firewood and it will warm you twice."
"Weave your own cloth and it will reward you twice."

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