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Re: Please help me installing emacspeak

Hi, I see here that you're trying to learn Linux. You couldn't have
made a better choice when it comes to operating systems. I have always
been a Unix fan and this gives me great pleasure to help. 

I am currently using Red Hat 6.2 with emacs 20.7 and emacspeak 14.0. I
would recommend Red Hat or one of the other RPM-based systems to you
as someone who is just starting out. The reason why I would recommend
this is because of the way in which packages are installed. This is
done by means of pre-packaged installables referred to as RPM's. These
installables are handled with a program which comes with the

As I said, I am using emacs 20.7. It came with my Red Hat 6.2
distribution and was, at the time this sistem was set up, the latest
version. Now, we have emacspeak 21. I haven't even had the chance to
look at it, but I read that emacspeak 14.0 will speech-enable many of
the programs that come with it. 

Now, where can we go to learn Linux? This is quite an easy one to
resolve. Just go to http://www.linux.com and you'll see a wealth of
information from the simplest to the most involved. You might also
find some information at such sites as http://www.internet.com and
http://www.gnu.org These are some of the main sites for learning. I'm
sure there are others, but these should be a good start. 

May GOD bless you in your studies. May you find using Linux as
pleasurable as I do. As I previously stated, you couldn't have chosen
a better system to learn. You will hear much in the future about
multi-media functionality such as audio and more in regard to
emacspeak. I am currently attempting to get all this functionality up
and running and will be more than happy to assist you in the future. 


Doug Smith: The Righteousness of GOD,
Son of GOD,
Joint Heir with CHRIST 
and Keeper Of The Light.

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