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Re: emacspeak speech server

>there is nothing wrong with this approach and it's indeed very common
>in solo or small group efforts.  however, when the project is a hit,
>such as emacspeak, the code undergoes a long evolution.  this is where
>features are added.  features that were not in the wildest dreams of
>the project early on.

Jerry Sievers wrote.

Isn't that the approach Richard Stallman used to create Emacs in the
first place?  Somewhere I read that in the beginning, the creator of
Emacs had no idea where the program was going (not in the sense he
didn't know what he was doing, but in the sense that the abstractions
he was "playing" with created the "conditions of possibility" for a
long-lived and successful project where many other individuals could
build upon the foundation).  The thesis would be that the original
design of Emacs was suitable for the creation of, say, Emacspeak.
Wish i knew where I saw that discussion.  It's also intriguing to me
how there are quite a few aspects of Python which are familiar to me
because they seem to be lifted from or inspired by Emacs Lisp.

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