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RPM/SuSE/strange hierarchy

Hi all,
I have just installed a SuSE test system.  I have used Debian/RedHat/Slackware in the past but am doing some work for my university who use SuSE.  I have a few problems.  Firstly the hierarchy is different, eg documentation in /usr/share/doc instead of /usr/doc, and many other things in /usr/share that would normally just be in /usr.  The result of this is that installing RedHat RPMs put the files in the wrong place.  Furthermore, when getting RPMs from RPMFind.net, including VM, JDE, ERC, Gnus etc I get an error message about not being able to find /var/tmp/rpm-info.  Has anyone had similar problems, or built SuSE specific RPMs or have any other useful advice?
Any help much appreciated.

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