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problems with emacspeak-14.0/outload/rh-7.1.94

I'm basically a first time user (I used 950814 a bit).
I searched the archive for outloud but didn't see anything
relevant to my problem.  Thanks in advance for any help.
Let me know if more info would be helpful.

I'm trying to get outloud working with 14.0.  I start it
from a script called "es" shown below.  When I run "es"
it speak "This is emacs speak", but also the bottom line
of the emacs screen read "Process speaker not running".
I also get some messages like "backward-del-char-speak
reference to free variable".  And the system speaker beeps
with each key press.

If I run "tcl outloud" I it says something like "IBM viavoice"
followed by "this is emacspeak".  I also get a message about
stdiosynth show below.

I'm running Red Hat Linux release 7.1.94 (Roswell) (7.2 beta?).
The viavoice rpms I'm using are list below.  Am I missing something
or might it be related to the latest releases that I'm using?

I tried DTK_TCL to /usr/bin/tcl (which is where tcl is) but, as
expected (base on my $path and lisp/dtk-speak.el) I get the same

# cat /local/bin/es
setenv EMACSPEAK_DIR /local/pkg/emacspeak
setenv DTK_PROGRAM outload
emacs -nw -l $EMACSPEAK_DIR/lisp/emacspeak-setup.el -l ~/.emacs

# tcl outloud
stdiosynth executable not found 

# rpm -q -a | grep -i via

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