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Re: problems with emacspeak-14.0/outload/rh-7.1.94


I don't have the machine settings the same as yours, but I found a
mistake in your 'es' script:

"pruznick@home.com" <pruznick@home.com> writes:

> # cat /local/bin/es
> #!/bin/tcsh
> setenv EMACSPEAK_DIR /local/pkg/emacspeak
> setenv DTK_PROGRAM outload
> emacs -nw -l $EMACSPEAK_DIR/lisp/emacspeak-setup.el -l ~/.emacs

In the fourth line of the citation above, it says "outload" not
You wrote the starting message "This is Emacspeak" is heard. If it is
not the sound played with mp3 file, in which the message is mixed with a
organ sound, my suggestion might be wrong.

I'm glad if it helps.

Best regards.
                    Koichi Inoue, ARGV
                    E-Mail: inoue@argv.org
                    ICQ UIN: 74900690

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