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Re: Name of the files needed for running umbrola

It is true we need another server for Emacspeak. Raman told me to go write 
one for Festival. I'm down, but like alot of people I have a life too, would 
someone on the list be willing to work on that project with me? I'm dead 
serious. No big time table, just to get it done, and Open Source. If we pull 
it off in the next year, I would be very happy. I do really like the Festival 
voices. I think the Festival package is more robust and functional because of 
the various languages it supports.  Until IBM unleashes the newest text to 
speech stuff they came up with a month or so ago,  via voice still sounds 
like samspeak on the commodore 64 circa 1986.


PS. Have a nice day!

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