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I need a little help with auditory icons

Hi, all. I have a little trouble with some of the emacspeak
functionality. I have read through the manual, but I didn't find out
what I needed to know. Could someone please help me?

What I am having a problem with is the auditory icons. I have checked
to the best of my ability and found that all the necessary components
are in place, but they still don't work. I am using emacspeak 14.0
with viavoice and I wonder if there's something about that combination
that just don't support the icons or what. I think everything's
loading just like it should, but there might be some variables I need
to set or something. 

I have checked and all the sounds are there. The play program works
perfectly when called from a shell buffer, all the sounds play when
you call for them but they don't work in context. 

When emacspeak starts up, it comes on with all the punctuation being
spoken and split caps mode on. How can I set it up such that this
doesn't happen? I have never heard the emacspeak auditory icon play at
startup, but it works flawlessly when you call it in the play

Thanks for the help:

Doug Smith: The Righteousness of GOD,
Son of GOD,
Joint Heir with CHRIST 
and Keeper Of The Light.

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