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Re: I need a little help with auditory icons

Hi Doug,

What sort of sound card are you using? If you want to use ViaVoice and
auditory icons, you need a sound card which handles multiple channels,
such as the sound blaster live card. If you don't have such a card,
you have to play the sound icons via midi using the stdiosynth package
which converts *.au files to midi files. This is asuming of course
that your sound card and sound driver support midi. Note that if you
do have a multi channel sound card, you may need to set the emacspeak
variable emacspeak-aumix-multichannel-capable-p to let emacspeak know
you have a multi-channel sound card.

Personally, I have not used stdiosynth because my sound card didn't support
midi. Instead I upgraded to the sound blaster live card and now just
run auditory icons as usual - I highly recommend the sb live card -
its a little expensive, but the quality is great and I can now use
other sound utilities while running emacspeak with no problems. 

Doug Smith writes:
> Hi, all. I have a little trouble with some of the emacspeak
> functionality. I have read through the manual, but I didn't find out
> what I needed to know. Could someone please help me?
> What I am having a problem with is the auditory icons. I have checked
> to the best of my ability and found that all the necessary components
> are in place, but they still don't work. I am using emacspeak 14.0
> with viavoice and I wonder if there's something about that combination
> that just don't support the icons or what. I think everything's
> loading just like it should, but there might be some variables I need
> to set or something. 
> I have checked and all the sounds are there. The play program works
> perfectly when called from a shell buffer, all the sounds play when
> you call for them but they don't work in context. 
> When emacspeak starts up, it comes on with all the punctuation being
> spoken and split caps mode on. How can I set it up such that this
> doesn't happen? I have never heard the emacspeak auditory icon play at
> startup, but it works flawlessly when you call it in the play
> program. 
> Thanks for the help:
> -- 
> Doug Smith: The Righteousness of GOD,
> Son of GOD,
> Joint Heir with CHRIST 
> and Keeper Of The Light.
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