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Re: Fwd: Re: request for emacspeak installation instructions on mandrake 7.2

Hey Guys.

I dunno about mandrake 8.0. Mandrake is a sweet install though.
I think I was 7.2.  SuSe got me for $40, and they promised all this 
accessibility stuff, it didn't even *include* emacspeak. While emacspeak is 
not a  big download, and you certainly want to get the most recent, it was 
still disappointing. 
 I spent a year of free time trying to get this to work for Lorie (another 
list member) and RH was what worked. I'm still struggling with the dialer. 
Every machine is different.

What are you running/suggest Raman? I think this is a very valid point from 
the programmer.

Don't pay for linux when you can burn your own until they give real support 
for the blind. And I think that will fall to the users, as it is now. 


PS I initially misspelled Raman  AGAIN! but I went back and looked. My 
apologies, I can't spell their and friends very consistently either ;)  

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