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Re: Palm 3 and Speech synth

Thanks Doug!
 I really sweated sending the whole article. I know I'm cool on it if even 
one person benefitted from it.
 Palm type devices rock! I had one for about 2 weeks, then it got stolen, 
totally my fault, another story. But it was COOL. The thing I liked was I 
could download pages from the net and read them on the bus. So the electronic 
book aspect was really what I liked. Plus you can download all sorts of 
reference books and stuff. So if ya program or are a tech, then you can pull 
up stuff on the fly. No telling what you could do with a little time and 
patience. I work for a lawyer, and he lives off the thing. Almost scary, he 
is really dependent on it, sorta an extra memory thing. but that is the way 
things are going. We need extraneous devices to help us, they are available, 
and why not? Is it any different from a watch or desktop computer?
 TotalTalk. hmm. I never heard of it but I'm going to look into it. From a 
quick search it pulls up Braille Monitor in the early 90's. I get the feeling 
there is much to learn. As Always :)


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