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Re: Palm 3 and Speech synth

Hi, Jennifer. This is Doug Smith. I found out what happened with those
auditory icons. I just needed to install stdiosynth and place a
reference to playmidi in my local.rc file. It works great. 

Now to the real thing this message is about. You said you want one of
those palm-top devices. Those are nice from what I have heard. I would
like one of those supercomputers your company makes. Just load it up
and bring it to me. If not, I would like to know more about mainframes
and supercomputers. Where on IBM's web site can I read more about
these kinds of devices including energy requirements, memory
capacities, peripheral and configurations and price lists and
more. These giants have fascinated me ever since I have been in
computing and I either want one or want to know more about them. 


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