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Emacspeak Installation HOWTO


First of all, let me say Thank You to everyone who sent me feedback about
the Emacspeak User's Guide.  If you have not yet received a personal reply,
you should in the next day or so - I got a lot of comments from everyone
and it has taken me some time to address all the issues!  Now it's time for
the next batch of documentation, the Emacspeak Installation HOWTO.  The new
HOWTO is now available on the Emacspeak website, at
http://emacspeak.sourceforge.net/install-guide/. The document is a revision
of Mr. James Van Zandt's original Emacspeak HOWTO, and includes
installation instructions for Emacspeak and all the applications that
Emacspeak depends on (including ViaVoice). There is also an "FAQ" section,
in which I have tried to cover some of the more common problems encountered
when installing Emacspeak.

I sincerely hope that this HOWTO will be of use to its intended audience,
current and potential Emacspeak users. As a part of this audience, your
comments, suggestions, and criticisms are welcome, since this kind of input
can only help make the Installation HOWTO better.  In the next few days, if
you have an opportunity to review the HOWTO, please do so, and I will try
to include any feedback received in the final version of the HOWTO that
will be distributed with the Thanksgiving release of Emacspeak.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,


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