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the desktop configuration files

Hello, listers,

Someone please refresh my memory. I have not used emacspeak in three
months. You see, I have a braille display, too. So, I installed 15.0 with
much success. But, my desktop-save command doesn't appear to work. I had
vm and several w3 buffers open and I said "X-m desktop-save" and then
exited emacs. when I got back into emacspeak, I had lost my w3 and vm
browser and e-mail buffers. Shouldn't they have been loaded after I saved
the desktop? I can no longer find where the desktop text files are stored.
I have searched for a directory called .desktop and a config file called
desktop and .desktoprc. Does anybody have the answer? I am sure this is
an easy one. I am just having a senior moment.  Thanks in advance.

Bill Gaughan

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