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Question about w3-url-rewrite-and-follow

I just downloaded and installed emacspeak 15.0 and stumbled across
this feature. I'm not entirely sure what the syntax is, or whether
it's possible to achieve what I'm trying to from it.

I'm trying to automatically view printable pages on a website, and to
do that, the URL has to *end* with ?pp=1

I can't figure out how, or even if it's possible to end all URL's with
a string. I've tried something like 
("www.foo.com" "www.foo.com?pp=1")
This doesn't work, you get a url that looks something like
Which is fare enough, I suppose, but doesn't really achieve what I
want to. Is there a way to tell it to substitute something at the end
of an URL like this? I'm guessing regular expressions would do it, but
from the limited amount I've been able to understand, the function
doesn't use them.

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