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persistent auditory icon player setting

use the customize interface to set such things.
M-x customize-group ret emacspeak
>>>>> "Jerry" == Jerry Sievers <jerry@jerrysievers.com> writes:

    Jerry> hello.  i just got RedHat 7 running and
    Jerry> immediatly installed emacspeak 15 with no
    Jerry> difficulty.

    Jerry> great job raman!

    Jerry> my problem is that i have to set auditory icon
    Jerry> player to emacspeak-play-auditory-icon before
    Jerry> hearing the icons.  i tested all four of the
    Jerry> options like midi, native etc. and that one is
    Jerry> the only one that works with my machine.

    Jerry> what puzzles me though, is that if i toggle
    Jerry> auditory icons off in a buffer, then on again, i
    Jerry> have to reset the player again also.

    Jerry> took a look at emacspeak-customize but, if
    Jerry> setting these defaults is in there, i missed it.

    Jerry> so, how do you set the global default icon player
    Jerry> and also globally enable icon playing?

    Jerry> took a look around in emacspeak-sounds.el without
    Jerry> learning what i'm doing wrong.

    Jerry> thanks.

    Jerry> --
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    Jerry> Jerry Sievers 305 854-3001 (home) Unix
    Jerry> Administrator/Consultant 305 321-1144 (mobile)
    Jerry> http://www.JerrySievers.com/~gsievers/
    Jerry> mailto:jerry@jerrysievers.com

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Best Regards,

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