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Re: Does anyone think this will be fixed?

Yes, I too have contacted people I know there,
and they've expressed their powerlessness and frustration.

Bottom line is that if they're not responsive to their
customers who   ultimately need them they'll become
irrelevant and replaced by someone else.

>>>>> "Janina" == Janina Sajka <janina@afb.net> writes:

    Janina> Raman is right. RFB&D is far too tightly in love
    Janina> with Windows and M$ proprietary tricks.

    Janina> May I add that several of us have complained to
    Janina> them about their website.  I have, and I know
    Janina> highly respected officers of RFB&D have
    Janina> themselves complained--all to no avail.

    Janina> Their excuse is that they feel the need to
    Janina> provide glitz to the D in their name. They
    Janina> believe glitz and accessibility can't really go
    Janina> hand in hand, so glitz and the D part of their
    Janina> name win, inasmuch as they're now the greater
    Janina> part of RFB&D's subscriber base.

    Janina> Not good. Not good at all considering as how
    Janina> these same people are making critical, early
    Janina> decisions regarding technology for deploying
    Janina> DAISY textbooks.

    Janina>  On Tue, 4 Dec 2001, T. V. Raman wrote:

    >> how to fix it?
    >> fire their server administrator and take his/her job, get
> them running a real server etc etc.
> >>>>> "Doug" == Doug Smith <bdsmith@buncombe.main.nc.us> writes:
>     Doug> Hi, Raman. I did ask RFBD last night. I hope that
>     Doug> they will fix that thing so we can use their
>     Doug> search faxility. It has been out for quite some
>     Doug> time, in fact, since I tried using it with the
>     Doug> 12.0 release of emacspeak. This is at least the
>     Doug> second or third time I have requested that server
>     Doug> be fixed, but it seems to fall on deaf ears. I
>     Doug> wish I knew how to fix it, I would.
>     Doug> Thanks.
>     Doug> -- Doug Smith: The Righteousness of GOD, Son of
>     Doug> GOD, Joint Heir with CHRIST and Keeper Of The
>     Doug> Light.

    Janina> --
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    Janina> Have A Dream" speech at
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