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Re: some comments on software platform accessibility


  Comments on comments:

  First there is lot of job opportunities within file, mail and
webserver maintenance. MOst of those use some *x operating system. Most
of those have no configuration interface, just a bunch of text files to
edit. No menus, no buttons, no dialogues, no bitmaps, no images and no
accessibility problems.

  Secondly: ever after learnign windows and all tricks of his/her
screenreader with every program used blind worker should be equally or
more productive than sighted colleagues who can sinply look the screen.

  This difference exists of ccourse in *x environment too but there it
is mainly reading speed, not figuring layout of the screen.

  As a sidenote:  local training center for the blind planned to keep
course on Linux but they had severe problems to find a teacher; all
blind  advanced LInux users they askedwere too busy with their own jobs.

  Fortunately they found finally one who volunteered because it was
Linux course.

Mr. Ari Moisio, Niittykatu 7, 41160 Tikkakoski, +358-40-5055239
ari.moisio@iki.fi http://www.iki.fi/arimo PGP-keyID: 0x3FAF0F05

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