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OT: Technology Position Available At AFB

The following may be freely forwarded in its entirety:

Managing Director, AFB TECH
Grade 13 - Salary Range 
Min.  61,323            Mid.  76,654            Max.  91,985
National Programs Group/ National Technology Program - Huntington, West 


Develops and monitors annual budgets, manages program grants and contracts, 
and recruits, trains, and supervises professional, support staff, interns, 
and volunteers.  Oversees the product evaluation and demonstrations lab and 
implements design changes as needed.  Evaluates assistive technology and 
prepares evaluations for publication in Journal of Visual Impairment and 
Blindness (JVIB) and AccessWorld.  Serves as liaison with manufacturers and 
vendors of assistive technology.  Provides, develops and oversees AFB TECH 
training programs and promotional and resource materials to service 
providers, families, and the general public.  Organizes and staffs 
exhibits.  Makes public presentations at professional, consumer, and 
national conferences and prepares articles and papers for 
publication.  Provides information, consultation, and leadership to 
directors and key administrative staff of private and public agencies, 
consumers, and members of the community regarding policies and best 
practices of services for persons who are blind or visually 
impaired.  Expands the awareness of the capabilities and needs of persons 
who are blind or visually impaired among leaders of public and private 
agencies and the community through appearances and interviews with the 
media and by making presentations at meetings of professional 
organizations.  Provides leadership in the planning and implementation of 
national conferences and seminars. Provides information and guidance for 
the leadership of AFB and other national organizations regarding critical 
trends and issues in the blindness field.  Provides information and 
referral services to all constituencies about blindness, and trains and 
supervises AFB TECH staff in this area.  Assists in raising revenue for AFB 
TECH in collaboration with Resource Development by developing project 
concepts, writing grant proposals, and seeking contributions from 
corporations, foundations, and individuals.  Manages operations of the 
Center's lease, space allocation, equipment, inventory, and 
appearance.  Performs other duties as assigned.

QUALIFICATIONS: Graduate degree or equivalent.  Background and experience 
in services to blind and visually impaired persons and familiarity with 
assistive technology used by blind and visually impaired 
persons.  Extensive computer knowledge.  Excellent written and oral 
communications skills.


If you're interested in this position, please contact the Personnel 
Department. at AFB

Lesa Boothe, Personnel Associate
American Foundation for the Blind
11 Penn Plaza, Suite 300
New York, NY 10001
phone: (212) 502-7711
fax:    (212) 502-7673
email:  personnl@afb.net

				Janina Sajka, Director
				Technology Research and Development
				Governmental Relations Group
				American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)

Email: janina@afb.net		Phone: (202) 408-8175

Chair, Accessibility SIG
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