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Re: character sets with W3?

The character in the middle is evidently supposed to be a pretty bullet
for the list items.  They explicitly use • in the iso8859-1 character
set.  It shows up in mozilla as a nice small circle in the middle of the
line, but a cent-sign in Emacs 21.  I've got to go get some sleep and
don't have time fire up emacspeak right now to hear what it gets rendered
as there.

This is because of the entry in w3-invalid-sgml-char-replacement for
U+2022 (BULLET)... that code was checked in by someone else, so I'm not
sure what the behaviour was before.


<tspivey8@home.com> writes:

> I am new with Emacs and Emacspeak, and want to access some sites. but the
> extended ascii octil characters get in the way, notably the a circomflex.
> when i access google for instance, the advanced search has that carcter
> in the middle of it, i'm wondering if this is a character set issue and
> if i can fix it?  i'm using debian linux, emacspeak 15 with via voice.
> thanks in advance, Tyler Spivey

Ceterum censeo vi esse delendam

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