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Re: w3 browser ssl routines

Currently Emacs/W3 requires an external program to open SSL connections
(there is work going on to give Emacs native SSL support, but that is a
ways off).  So what SSL options are supported are entirely up to the
external program you are using.  Currently the best option is the
's_client' program from OpenSSL, and it should support all the major
flavors of SSL out there (v2, v3, TLS, etc).

The major problem with the s_client program is that even if you give it
the '-quiet' switch it doesn't shut it up completely.  The best workaround
I have found for this is to use a helper script like so:

exec "$@" 2> /dev/null

The next major version of ssl.el in Emacs/W3 will do this for you
automatically.  But for now if you create this short script in
~/.url/exec_quietly and add the following to your ~/.emacs file:

(setq ssl-program-name (expand-file-name "~/.url/exec_quietly"))
(push "openssl" ssl-program-arguments)

Emacs/W3 does not currently support javascript - there has been some talk
about implementing it natively using Emacs Lisp, but I think the better
way to go would be an external javascript interpreter with some simple
glue code to convert from lisp to js and back again.


Bill Gaughan <wgaughan@snet.net> writes:

> what level of ssl does W3 support? Does anybody know? I am trying to do
> my banking using w3 and I keep getting messages that it cannot locate a
> valid certificate. and I get the verify depth=0 messages when I get to
> the secure site. are there other tar balls I need to get to accompany w3
> to get it to work with SSL or is SSL built-in. does w3 support 128-bit
> ssl.  I have no problem doing these things in lynx compiled with openssl.
> Seriously, how well does w3 work with internet shopping and commercial
> web sites. Does it support JavaScript. Will it, with trplayer, for
> example play any of the radio stations on yahoo.broadcast.com?
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