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5.1 I could not use emacs to install W3. suse will not let me start 
emacs/emacspeak as root. something to do with X. installed as normal via 

5.1.6 I assumed this means there is nothing to do? (is there an executable to 
check its installed properly)


5.1.9 M-x w3-fetch [NO MATCH]

so I guess something isn't right. I tried starting w3 from a terminal, can't 
find anything in bin, w3m seems to be a nice little+fast terminal browser, 
but M-x w3m was a no match too.

any ideas please?



I'm leaving Xemacs for the moment, as I can't find out easily how to get 
emacspeak running, and it may not be possible for the pr
jonathan chetwynd

http://www.peepo.com "have fun surfing the net"

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