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Re: [RFB Watching You (ineptly)] Re: Does anyone think this willbe fixed?

Hi, Bill. Nobody is upset. Here is what we need to do. Blast SSDI and
all that mess to the flaming core of the sun. If we have some kind of
a talent, and we want to use it, we have the most wonderful resource
in the history of Man to use for our workplaces. If you want to work
bad enough, you will do one of the two following things and forget
about the rest of the world, the workplace and the windows environment
which can, as far as the rest of us are concerned, go up in a fireball
brighter than Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. 

What I mean by this is this. Here is the list, and I do mean short
list, of what you can do if those satan worshipers try something so
stupid as to shove the windows environment down your throat. 

1. If you have some kind of a talent, something you can do, just put
   it up on a web site. If you have needs for sighted help, it might
   be that the Division of Services For The Blind might help you. If
   not, flame it. There might be a sighted person in family or circle
   of friends who can help you. These kinds of needs are limited,
   primarily to such things as transportation and the setting up of
   complex equipment if you're in music or something like
   that. Otherwise, if you can do something like writing software, web
   pages, novels, newsletters etc, just do it. Just put up, or have
   one of those web hosting companies put up, for you, a web site to
   advertise. If you do crafts or some other kind of art, have a
   sighted person help you get some pictures to go up on your site and
   have him/her help you put them up. There is no need to work for a
   major corporation, or any other business interest you don't
   personally have total control over. 

2. Here is my personal option, but, if you don't like it, it's just
   fuel for the fire. I opt for the Computer Science degree and the
   work in a University setting. I am going back in August to get the
   training I need to do this. After the training is complete, I want
   to work as a research scientist in the University I am
   attending. That should allow me to use whatever operating system
   and development tools I have to in order to get the job done. I
   want one of those tenure-track positions. That should do it. 

If your talents don't run to the computer-related, just have one of
those web hosting companies put up a site for you. They can do it and
it might be easy to get funding from the Small Business

Both of these are possible solutions to the problem. If you pick one
of these, I believe you can solve the problem. I hope so, at least. 

Who needs services. We have the entire internet out there just waiting
for us. We don't really need RFBD in the first place. If you want
O'riley books, I have heard that you can send in an eye report and
they will put them in plane text for you for your brousing on the
computer whenever you want. There are many e-texts out there. Just
like you, Bill, I will check out bookshare.org as well. The only
reason I said anything about RFBD and their stupid server is that I
like, if possible, for things to work right. I don't like half-done

Thank you for your opinion on the subject. I hope you don't get upset
at mine. I guess it is really, "different strokes for different
folks." and that's the way it is and should be. 


Doug Smith: The Righteousness of GOD,
Son of GOD,
Joint Heir with CHRIST 
and Keeper Of The Light.

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