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Graphical Browser for emacspeak

My clients & students have a range of learning difficulties and mental health 
problems. They are not able to use keystroke combinations in general, either 
having problems remembering these, physically, or in generalising. They are 
not in any position to develop applications, install linux, or in many cases 
even upgrade a plug-in online. 

They need a graphical browser such as Mozilla, with an extensive range of 
plug-ins. However they also benefit from aural stimulation.

I heard that T.V.Raman was working with Mozilla on such a project, is this in 
fact happening?

Alternatively has anyone seen Xemacspeak running?
or can anyone advise me of future plans or projects?

thank you

jonathan chetwynd

http://www.peepo.com "have fun surfing the net"

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