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file permissions question

I've managed to run ./configure, make, and make install.  All of that was on
the emacspeak-ss-1.7 package and got no errors.  So I run find-ss and hear
this is /dev/ttyS0.  So then I run tcl ./doubletalk while root and in the
emacspeak-ss-1.7 directory and hear this is doubletalk emacspeak 1.7 and
then I hear a speakers report and heard several voices the doubletalk is
capable of using announce themselves.  I never heard the program end though
so had to reboot to get out of there.  Things I don't know is what
permissions to use on the .profile file that has export
dtk_program=doubletalk and export dtk_port=/dev/ttyS0 in it so red hat 7.0
will recognize it and set those variables correctly so emacspeak can start
talking.  I found /etc/issue but was not successful in putting any bell
characters into that file.  pico intercepts the control-v and I don't use
vi.  I figure if I can get a bell character or two into /etc/issue I'll be
able to hear when it's time to log in.  I figure I can probably put
emacspeak into .profile files in at least two accounts on this machine along
with proper dtk variable settings so emacspeak will run after log in.  I've
got bash running but am not favorably impressed with it compared to ksh and

Jude <dashiell@starpower.net>

Net-Tamer V 1.13 Beta - Registered

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