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workaround for ay circumflex

hello friends.

earlier, i posted asking how to quit hearing ay circumflex in w3

well, i had a look into the matter and find that it's the HTML entity
amper nbsp, the non breakable space that w3 is displaying as octal 240
which i guess is an A with a hat over it in some char set.

found that in w3-vars.el, there is a mapping of nbsp to decimal 160,
the same as the octal char i was getting.

so, for what it's worth, i changed the 160 to a 32 for a plain space
and this seems to work ok.  not sure what might be the ramifications
of this in the long run.

here's the old and new line in my w3-vars.el file;

;    (nbsp        . 160)
    (nbsp        . 32)

but be advised, i byte compiled the file and even did a super quit and
restart of w3 and still the problem persisted.  then, fully restarted
emacs and finally, no ay circumflex!

happy with this solution for now.  please let me know if i should have
gone about this another way.

good night.--
Jerry Sievers   305 854-3001 (home)     Unix Administrator/Consultant
                305 321-1144 (mobile)   http://www.JerrySievers.com/~gsievers/

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