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workaround for ay circumflex

This is not a correct fix.
  is indeed correct and displays as a space.
Problem is utf-8 encoding vs unicode --if you hit a page
that claims utf-8 as its encoding, you will get the above

>>>>> "Jerry" == Jerry Sievers <jerry@jerrysievers.com> writes:

    Jerry> hello friends.  earlier, i posted asking how to
    Jerry> quit hearing ay circumflex in w3 buffers.

    Jerry> well, i had a look into the matter and find that
    Jerry> it's the HTML entity amper nbsp, the non
    Jerry> breakable space that w3 is displaying as octal
    Jerry> 240 which i guess is an A with a hat over it in
    Jerry> some char set.

    Jerry> found that in w3-vars.el, there is a mapping of
    Jerry> nbsp to decimal 160, the same as the octal char i
    Jerry> was getting.

    Jerry> so, for what it's worth, i changed the 160 to a
    Jerry> 32 for a plain space and this seems to work ok.
    Jerry> not sure what might be the ramifications of this
    Jerry> in the long run.

    Jerry> here's the old and new line in my w3-vars.el
    Jerry> file;

    Jerry> ; (nbsp . 160) (nbsp . 32)

    Jerry> but be advised, i byte compiled the file and even
    Jerry> did a super quit and restart of w3 and still the
    Jerry> problem persisted.  then, fully restarted emacs
    Jerry> and finally, no ay circumflex!

    Jerry> happy with this solution for now.  please let me
    Jerry> know if i should have gone about this another
    Jerry> way.

    Jerry> good night.--
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    Jerry> Administrator/Consultant 305 321-1144 (mobile)
    Jerry> http://www.JerrySievers.com/~gsievers/
    Jerry> mailto:jerry@jerrysievers.com

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