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unusual approach to a corporate takeover, new experimental method

Hi, all, I have heard, on the morning news, just today that AOL wants
to buy out Red Hat. Many people on the lists to which this letter is
directed use Red Hat Linux. It is also one of the most easily
configured for accessibility. I want to get this company before anyone
in the corporate world can do so and change this factor. 

Here is the proposal I have for making a new kind of experimental
attempt to get this distribution under personal control so no other
corporation can do it and mess up the accessibility and ease of use
factors. If you want to contribute to it, you can. If this attempt is
successful, anyone who contributes to it can have an equal share in
the ownership of the newly reprivatized company. 

I know nothing about business, nor do I care to at all. All this
finance and economic bullcrap is nothing more than a satanic plot to
keep everyone from achieving their best anyway. However, here's the
method we want to use, I don't know if it will work, but, if it does,
it would be beneficial for the people rather than a bunch of corporate
fat cats. 

Here's how it works. What we need is for you to put together the best
tall tale you have ever spun. We need some real tear jerkers about how
you might have to live on public assistance, how members of your
family might need certain kinds of medical care you can't afford or
any other kind of real dime store cry novel kind of a story you can

If, on the other hand, you can't submit one of those dime store cry
knovel kind of stories, try this. Some of you out there have
wonderful, new and innovative ideas for computing. In fact, they might
even change the direction of computer science for generations to
come. The only problem is that you have no real platform on which to
develop them. It might be that you have the ideas, but not the expert
knowledge to write the code, design and build the hardware you need or
whatever. All you need to do in this case is send in the story to the
address at the end of this letter and it will be put in with all the

What will be done with all these stories? you might ask. Well, that's
simple. All of these will be put into a kind of "e-book"-like package
and sent as one common file to the people taking proposals for the
company. If this is successful, you will be entitled to an equal share
of the ownership and resources of what is probably a multi-million
dollar company. After that, you can tell the public assistance social
engineers to take their satanic chains of darkness elsewhere because
you are breaking free of bondage. If you have this kind of need, you
are entitled to your equal share of the profits of what the rest of us
do. If you have an idea you want to contribute, you have an equal
share in the resources as well as the financial gain. 

This has never before been tried. I just want to use it as an
experiment as to how to take over a corporation and stop this
ridiculous crap about companies tied to compenies and governmental
officials. It might just be the way to start the process of getting
back the rights we all technically have to do whatever we want with
our ideas and shut down all these bullcrap operations that want to
stop innovation. If you want to participate in this experiment, here's
what you need to do. 

Just send your story in plane text, no MIME attachments, please. Just
send it as an ordinary e-mail letter to:


Please make sure that the "from" address is really yours. If this
generates any negotiations, you want to make sure that the address you
send me is yours. This will facilitate the transfer of letters among
all the parties. Once the "e-book"-like file is put together, it will
be free to any of you who want a copy of it mailed to you. 

I hope this generates a lot of participation. If it does, welcome to a
"brave new world" kind of experiment that might just help many. 

If you wonder if I am serious, I am serious as the proverbial heart
attack. I don't try things unless I am serious about their
outcomes. Once more, thank you very much for your participation.


Doug Smith: The Righteousness of GOD,
Son of GOD,
Joint Heir with CHRIST 
and Keeper Of The Light.

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