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AOL Linux

It's gonna be OK man. It was just a  rumor. Slashdot.org points to a C-Net 
story about the whole deal. Now on the other hand, I agree. I was thinking 
about how the Linux community should head off an aquisition of RH. What I 
wonder is if say someone like AOL or Microsoft bought a Distro, how could 
they change the licensing agreements. But what is to stop them from rolling 
their own? MS Linux is not as far out a thought as it might seem, though 
unsightly at best. There are many flavors of linux, more than you might 
imagine, see distrowatch.com for example. The Evil Empire won't get us no 
matter how hard they try. If nothing else, Linus won't let it happen while he 
is living and breathing.

Here is the story:

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