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Re: extracting audio from MOV files

ok roger, i'll check into that crossover thing.  are you talking about
a netscape plugin?

yes, this is a case of the university i'm attending right now has
never had a blind student working on a graduate science degree.  or so
it would seem.

this class inparticular, the math professor i guess wants to be a web
wacker too.  he's gone and put up lots of content and i suppose knows
zilch about accessibility.

i mean, there's frames, tables, javascript, lots of javascript, crap
loads of hand written math formulas, state graphs, PDF, quick time and
other files with extensions i've never heard of.

i'm fighting with them now to change their approach and take into
consideration a student using non visual interfaces to this media.
indeed, mathematics is among the least accessible subjects.

why heck, our leader, Dr. Raman did his thesis on making complex
mathematics into something that renders efficiently with an audio

if the equations for this course had been marked up in latex and not
hand written, i'd see about using raman's work to make this easier.

ho hum.

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> I poked around a bit. I couldn't find any console programs to do this. It 
>doesn't look like there is anyway to do this without mulitiple steps, and no 
>matter what you will have to have the initial step using another platform and 
>non-blind friendly proprietary tools. Stuff like Imovie or Quicktime tools.  
>So essentially, you can't do the conversion yourself under redhat.  
> Two possible workarounds. 
>One. If you can get someone, a fellow student or even the professor, to do 
>the audio stripping for you at one of the labs, that is possible and not too 
>difficult for a sighted person with general computer nerd knowledge.  But you 
>should mention this to the Prof. They can just as easily make these materials 
>available in just audio at the same time they create the quicktime or mov, 
>prefereably in MP3 format.
>Two. you * can * access quicktime or mov files under linux with the crossover 
>plugin, which is free as an unlimited trial but it has to run under xwindow. 
>This would allow you to listen to it, and the nag feature is visual so its as 
>good as free to blind people. But you have all the baggage of setting 
>something up under xwindow.
> Personally I don't know which I would do if I were you, but I would 
>definately talk to the prof about making an audio version at the time of 
>making the file.
>Good Luck!
>On Sunday 27 January 2002 12:01 pm, Jerry Sievers wrote:
>> wondering if anyone knows of something i can use to pull audio out of
>> quick time files.
>> a university course i'm taking has loads of online lecture material
>> that, unless i can filter into WAV or similar files, wohn't be
>> accessible for me.
>> sorry about the off topic post.  i suspect others on this list may be
>> challenged by these types of media.
>> i'm running on a red hat seven box and am checking the QT website
>> right now.  haven't found anything yet.
>> thanks.
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