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Re: Seeking Help to Install Emacspeak for Friend

Jude DaShiell writes:
> If tcl comes up eventually with a (%) prompt type exit <cr> to get back to
> shell prompt.  You got to be running in text mode for emacspeak to work too.

Ummm, not sure what you mean by you have to be running in text mode
for emacspeak to work. Emacspeak will work if emacs will work. You can
run emacs at the console, within an xterm under x windows or as a
native X windows application. The only place emacspeak won't work
where emacs works is umnder microsoft (but that may change once
drivers are written for a speech synthesizer undr windows, such as

Tim Cross
mailto: tcross@northnet.com.au
phone: +61 2 6772 5973
mobile: 0412 969193

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