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Incomplete Sentences

This is not an emacspeak problem --it's probably a problem
with your sound card.

Also, please do not send me mail directly about emacspeak
--answering you in private helps only you and no one else.

Wish you luck helping your friend--

>>>>> "Patrick" == Patrick Gordon <pcgordon@mediaone.net> writes:

    Patrick> Raman, I have been trying for several week to
    Patrick> make emacspeak functional for a blind friend of
    Patrick> mine with the hope that it will open up
    Patrick> Internet for her, but I seem to have hit a
    Patrick> wall. I can't get emacspeak to speak more than
    Patrick> a few words in a sentence before slowing to an
    Patrick> incoherent crawl. For example, in the sentence:
    Patrick> "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog",
    Patrick> it speaks just the first three words normally
    Patrick> and then I can hear only brief snippets of each
    Patrick> remaining word as it continues very slowly
    Patrick> through the rest of the line.  I can move the
    Patrick> cursor through the text word by word with no
    Patrick> problem, it just cannot handle moving by
    Patrick> multiple words or sentences.  From the
    Patrick> twenty-thousand feet level, It seems as though
    Patrick> the output buffer just is not big enough. Do
    Patrick> you have any ideas or suggestions on this?  I
    Patrick> have posed the problem to the listserv group,
    Patrick> but to no avail.  I have also posted the
    Patrick> problem on linux newsgroups and got no respones
    Patrick> whatsoever.

    Patrick> My system is a 333Mz 128MB Dell Latitude CPt
    Patrick> running RH Linux 7.2.  I've installed Emacs 21,
    Patrick> Emacspeak 15.0, and IBM's Text-To-Speech
    Patrick> product ViaVoice following the installation
    Patrick> instructions at
    Patrick> http://www.redhat.com/services/techsupport/accessibility/s1-access-install.h
    Patrick> tml.

    Patrick> Patrick

Best Regards,

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