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Re: emacspeak versus commercial software

Patrick Gordon writes:
 > I have put in many hours trying to build a demo of a useful text-to-speech
 > tool for my blind friend.  At this point, I feel it necessary to do a sanity
 > check on this listserv.  Today, I came to the conclusion that irqtune, a
 > vital tool needed to make emacspeak functional on my system, will not work
 > with RH 7.2.  The binary is nonfunctional on 7.2 and the c source code
 > requires compiler extensions not supported in the RH 7.2 distribution.

This is odd; surely it will compile with gcc 2.95.x or gcc 3.0.x? Or
is a needed library missing?

I would suggest ensuring that your compiler is up to date and that any
necessary libraries are installed. If it still doesn't work, the next
step is to contact the developers to find out whether a patch is
available that would overcome your problem.

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