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Re: emacspeak versus commercial software

Also I suspect a major red herring here.

Some wires may have gotten crossed with messages on the

Originally Greg and others had pointed Patrick at irqtune as
a means of setting IRQ priorities.

Later I also said "it's probably due to bad IRQ settings"--
but I was not refering to tuning IRQ priorities --but to set
the right IRQs for that sound card.

Patrick --if you're disappointed with Linux and feel it's a
waste of your time to debug your troubles, by all means get
MS Windows and a screenreader  --let's not waste band-width
and breath arguing over what  may or may not be better.

The situation you are hitting is basically a sound card that
you have that is not fully supported or functional on Linux;
you have the option of:
If you wish to run Linux:

A getting a sound card that works with Linux
B Getting a hardware synth;
Alternatively abandon your Linux efforts.

>>>>> "Jason" == Jason White <jasonw@ariel.ucs.unimelb.edu.au> writes:

    Jason> Patrick Gordon writes:
    >> I have put in many hours trying to build a demo of a useful text-to-speech
    >> tool for my blind friend.  At this point, I feel it necessary to do a sanity
 > check on this listserv.  Today, I came to the conclusion that irqtune, a
 > vital tool needed to make emacspeak functional on my system, will not work
 > with RH 7.2.  The binary is nonfunctional on 7.2 and the c source code
 > requires compiler extensions not supported in the RH 7.2 distribution.

    Jason> This is odd; surely it will compile with gcc
    Jason> 2.95.x or gcc 3.0.x? Or is a needed library
    Jason> missing?

    Jason> I would suggest ensuring that your compiler is up
    Jason> to date and that any necessary libraries are
    Jason> installed. If it still doesn't work, the next
    Jason> step is to contact the developers to find out
    Jason> whether a patch is available that would overcome
    Jason> your problem.

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