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Re: emacspeak w3 [no match]

            Hello Jonathan,

Compilation of w3-el from cvs produces file auto-autoloads.elc in the
directory w3/lisp/. You should load this file somewhere in your
initialization files and then you will be able to call the command.

>>>>> "JC" == Jonathan Chetwynd <j.chetwynd@btinternet.com> writes:

JC> Have a talk tomorrow, and wanted to demo emacspeak/w3
JC> Installed emacspeak ok, however having installed w3,
JC> M-x W3 [no match]
JC> is all I can get, not very useful...

JC> anyone have any ideas or suggestions, thanks

JC> using most recent versions available

JC> jonathan chetwynd

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JC> on the web"
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JC> learning difficulty get the most from the web"


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