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Re: buffer has no process problem

First of all, when you've gotten into this problem, has going into another
console and typing "killall emacs" (not emacs not emacspeak) not gotten
you out of it?
Secondly, you can do some things in the shell with just m-x shell, though
I don't think you can run pine that way; never tried lynx. I seem to
remember reading in a post someplace that using the term program wasn't
It is true that there are browsers and mail programs within emacs you can
use. The alternative to this is to run both speakup and emacspeak, either
by having two separate kernels on your system or (and I don't know how
this is done) by having speakup running and having emacspeak on one
console. I know this is possible; Matt Campbell set this up for me at one
time but when I had to re-install I lost that configuration so can't help
you there.


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