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outloud and w3


Before I begin, I realise that there are problems with w3 and emacs21.

This, however seems to be different to anything I've heard about.

When I try and use w3 with emacs 21.1.1, the debian package of w3,
which is taken from cvs, emacs15 and outloud, I get the following
error on nearly every web page I try and render.

Downloading of `file:/usr/share/doc/vm/vm_1.html' complete.
Drawing... \
outloud-speech-style-gain accessing a non-outloud-speech-style
Drawing... done
Emacspeak pronunciations have been re-activated in this buffer
condition-case: outloud-speech-style-gain accessing a non-outloud-speech-style

The same page loads fine using the dectalk.  I've had a poke around in
the sources but can't seem to find what is going on.  All the relevant
stuff seems to be defined for outloud.

Please forgive me if there is something refferencing this on the net,
as I'm currently in Canada and my only available synth at the moment
is outloud, making web browsing impossible :) or at least very

Any help or suggestions on where to look or how to get more information on what is going wrong is greatly apreciated.



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