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Re: emacspeak spouting punctuation with braille lite

My last message was a little misleading. What I meant to say was that
it would either be some sort of hardware driver problem or the
Emacspeak speech server for Braille Lite. You could try running the
Emacspeak speech server by itself to determine whether this is the

I haven't used a Braille Lite but I assume they rely on a serial
connection. In that case it is important to ensure that the serial
parameters match on both ends of the connection. The Linux stty
command can be used to control serial settings and you may need to
include it in your .profile or .bash_profile file; or you could find
out what serial settings the Emacspeak speech server for Braille Lite
uses, then adjust the Braille Lite to match.

I am sure there are others on the list who can provide much more
informative advice.

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