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Re: emacspeak and erc

Yvonne Smith <yvonne@thewatch.net> writes:

> What I've discovered is, the erc people've changed a variable name. From the
> changelog
> 	* erc/erc.el 1.201:
> 	* erc-display-line-buffer: renamed to erc-display-line-1
> So I changed the advice in emacspeak, and it was back talking.

Heh, yeah. I suggest using erc-insert-post-hook anyway. Thats what
erc-speak is using.  erc in CVS was quite heavily under reorganisation
recently. It should stabilize now.

> Or at least it would've been, I think, except I'm using the CVS
> version of emacspeak. There's another problem there, which seems to
> mean that if you don't set a value for emacspeak-erc-my-nick it
> gives you process errors. I don't actually know enough about elisp
> to know exactly why, but that's what happens.
I dont know what emacspeak-erc-my-nick is suppoed to do, but the
function (erc-current-nick) returns your nick.

I have to admit that I dont use emacspeak-erc.el. I prefer to hear
all people on a channel and ignore them through other means.

Maybe you should try erc-speak.el and tell me what it could do better.
As I use erc-speak myself, and am the maintainer of erc.el, erc-speak
is guaranteed to work with latest cvs version.

You said you use the debian sid package of erc, so trying erc-speak
is easy for you. Just put (require 'erc-speak) in your .emacs
(instead of (require 'erc) in case you have that already there)

Some erc-speak features:
smiley expansion, abbreviation expansion.
Queued talking, and voice-lock support for pals/fools/keyword highlighting
and so on.

> Raman, I hope this is some use. And anyone else who was as puzzled as I
> was, try changing the advice and it should work with the later versions
> of erc.

We introduced alot of useful hooks in CVS version.
Maybe advices arent necessary (I am sure they aren't).

For any erc related problems, feel free to contact me. I am quite sure
I can come up with some helpful answers for you.


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