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emacspeak and erc

I know, I know, not this again. However, I have actually solved my
problem with it, and figured out what the problem was. Raman, you'll
probably have to implement the general solution, though.

I was puzzled, since the debian version of erc from december 15 last
year worked, and the latest, from march this year didn't. What I've
discovered is, the erc people've changed a variable name. From the
	* erc/erc.el 1.201:
	* erc-display-line-buffer: renamed to erc-display-line-1

So I changed the advice in emacspeak, and it was back talking. Or at
least it would've been, I think, except I'm using the CVS version of
emacspeak. There's another problem there, which seems to mean that if
you don't set a value for emacspeak-erc-my-nick it gives you process
errors. I don't actually know enough about elisp to know exactly why,
but that's what happens.

Raman, I hope this is some use. And anyone else who was as puzzled as I
was, try changing the advice and it should work with the later versions
of erc.

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