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Re: continuing .emacs problems.

    Hello Dave,

>>>>> "a" == awesome-dave1  <awesome-dave1@juno.com> writes:


a> and again i load emacspeak with ViaVoice then do c-e c-s and i get the
a> default speech rate of 85, my problem is this does not happen on
a> startup,

I guess this happens because Emacspeak is loaded _before_ your
settings are handled. If you load Emacspeak by the script emacspeak
from the distribution then it loads ~/.emacs only after loading
Emacspeak. In this case I believe that besides setting
outloud-default-speech-rate you need also explicitly change the rate.

Does the following work for outloud?
(dtk-set-rate 85 t)

a> nor does the default major mode get set to text mode

This one I do not understand. How did you determine that default major
mode doesn't get set to text-mode?


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