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Emacspeak support for Wanderlust.

This is probably completely useless to everyone, and reveals, scarily,
my inexperience with elisp and coding for emacspeak both, but I'm
sending it, in case anyone else wants to use the wanderlust mail
package. I'm using it because I'm extremely unhappy with VM's imap
support, and I just don't like gnus very much. I'll warn anyone thinking
of experimenting, that it's difficult to run wanderlust, otherwise known
as WL, and vm at the same time, and in the case of Debians packaging
system almost impossible. If you *are* a debian user, also, try to grab
the wl-beta package instead of wl. It's using CVS snapshots, but seems
*farely* stable.

Like I said, this is ugly as heck, but it works for me.

;;This bit just makes random parts of WL talk.

(defadvice wl-summary-read (after emacspeak pre act)
  "Speak the next pageful "
  (emacspeak-auditory-icon 'scroll)

(defadvice wl-summary-down (after emacspeak pre act)
  "Speak the next pageful "
  (emacspeak-auditory-icon 'scroll)

(defadvice wl-summary-next (after emacspeak pre act)
  "Speak the next pageful "
  (emacspeak-auditory-icon 'scroll)
(defadvice wl-summary-exit (after emacspeak pre act)
  "Speak the next folder "
(set-buffer "Folder")

(defadvice wl-summary-delete (after emacspeak pre act)
  "Speak the next folder "

  (emacspeak-auditory-icon 'scroll)

;;bbdb integration
 (require 'bbdb-wl)
     ;; enable pop-ups
     (setq bbdb-use-pop-up t)
     ;; auto collection
     (setq bbdb/mail-auto-create-p t)
     ;; exceptional folders against auto collection
     (setq bbdb-wl-ignore-folder-regexp "^@")
     (setq signature-use-bbdb t)
     (setq bbdb-north-american-phone-numbers-p nil)
     ;; shows the name of bbdb in the summary :-)
     (setq wl-summary-from-function 'bbdb-wl-from-func)
     ;; automatically add mailing list fields
     (add-hook 'bbdb-notice-hook 'bbdb-auto-notes-hook)
     (setq bbdb-auto-notes-alist '(("X-ML-Name" (".*$" ML 0))))
;;mhc, message harmonized calendar integration
     (autoload 'mhc-wl-setup "mhc-wl")
     (add-hook 'wl-init-hook 'mhc-wl-setup)

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