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Re: Emacspeak support for Wanderlust.

Hi Yvonne, 

Just as an aside, if the main reason you don't use VM is because of
its imap support, you might be interested in checking out alternative
imap clients. I previously used fetchmail to retrieve my mail from
remote sites, which was then sorted by procmail into different
folders. This allowed me to continue to use VM and avoided delays or
lockups because of imap etc within VM. 


>>>>> "Yvonne" == Yvonne Thomson <yvonne@thewatch.net> writes:

    Yvonne> This is probably completely useless to everyone, and
    Yvonne> reveals, scarily, my inexperience with elisp and coding
    Yvonne> for emacspeak both, but I'm sending it, in case anyone
    Yvonne> else wants to use the wanderlust mail package. I'm using
    Yvonne> it because I'm extremely unhappy with VM's imap support,
    Yvonne> and I just don't like gnus very much. I'll warn anyone
    Yvonne> thinking of experimenting, that it's difficult to run
    Yvonne> wanderlust, otherwise known as WL, and vm at the same
    Yvonne> time, and in the case of Debians packaging system almost
    Yvonne> impossible. If you *are* a debian user, also, try to grab
    Yvonne> the wl-beta package instead of wl. It's using CVS
    Yvonne> snapshots, but seems *farely* stable.

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