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speech rate and key skipping problem

Dear friends,
I had installed and was using Emacspeak on RedHat 7.1
on a system having "creative " sound card
I was so happy with Emacspeak
that  I wanted  to share this happiness with a friend of mine

For this  friend, I tried to install Emacspeak
on a system with built in sound card, Linux Redhat 7.2
and ViaVoice TTS.
Testing ./runcmdlinespeak gives a fast rated response
I mean, it talks too quick to understand
The same fast speech rate  for "tcl outloud"  test also (at
/emacspeak/servers )
The same thing happens after installing Emacspeak
it talks too fast,
 reducing the speech rate from Emacspeak couldn't help much

also Emacspeak skip reading some keys  (like a, d etc )
but get displayed on the screen
but could read together as a word
( we tried even changing the keyboard)

Is this the problem with
Emacspeak (we've tried both tar and rpm installation)?
Redhat version (7.2)?
or any other settings ?
We are not Linux experts
could somebody please help us?.

Thank you,

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