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Re: Emacspeak support for Wanderlust.

At Mon, 29 Apr 2002 08:06:37 +1000,
Tim Cross wrote:
> Hi Yvonne, 
> Just as an aside, if the main reason you don't use VM is because of
> its imap support, you might be interested in checking out alternative
> imap clients. I previously used fetchmail to retrieve my mail from
> remote sites, which was then sorted by procmail into different
> folders. This allowed me to continue to use VM and avoided delays or
> lockups because of imap etc within VM. 
> Tim

*sigh* yes, I know about that. I *did* that. But I don't want to use
 imap as though it's pop, I want to use imap as though it's imap, In
 other words, if I'm reading mail on a remote server, I want the ability
 to read the headers and *not* download the message if I don't want to
 read it. Also, I was reading mail on multiple machines, and VM's
 support for that is a bit annoying.
Not to mention that I found VM's folder support to be truly
 irritating, since I had to go check each folder to see if there were
 any unread messages in them. 

It's just my own problem. I did say almost noone else'd be interested. I
just thought I'd post what I'd been doing in case anyone actually was.

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