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Thanks but still not there yet!

Hi Thanks for all your thoughts.  I found the compile log in version16 of 
emacspeak and I thought that it might be helpful.

	loading tool bar...done
	loading image...done
	loading tooltip...done
	loading paren...done
	loading cl-macs...done
	loading bytecomp...done
	loading emacspeak...done
 Press C-h C-e to get overview of emacspeak 16.0 I am working perfectly!

I then hear music and "Welcome to emacspeak!"  then I hear nothing although 
emacspeak functions.  Am I missing a control key or some thing.  I have tried 
all that you suggested and loaded Redhat 7.0 and all of the requred files and 
Suse 8.0 and get the same result.  

I will keep trying.  I have leared a lot about compiling C++ ang gcc!

But no luck so far.


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